Chilly Gonzales

Solo Piano III 2x12" Vinyl + Notebook


Title: Solo Piano III
Format: 2x12" Vinyl, 180g
Released in 2018

Solo Piano III completes the Solo Piano trilogy.

Like any final act, there are complications and consequences, followed by an urgent race to the finish line. Like its predecessors, it’s a mostly happy ending in C major, but there is more dissonance, tension and ambiguity along the way.

The musical purity of Solo Piano III is not an antidote for our times, it is a reflection of all the beauty and ugliness around us.

Side A 
• Treppen (1:30)
• Pretenderness (2:44)
• Prelude In C Sharp Major (2:38)
• Famous Hungarians (2:05)
• Chico (1:34)
Side B 
• Nimbus (2:01)
• Be Natural (3:47)
• Ellis Eye (2:54)
• Present Tense (2:41)
• Cactus Impromptu (2:21)
Side C
• Lost Ostinato (3:00)
• Blizzard In B Flat Minor (1:37)
• October 3rd (3:19)
• Kopfkino (3:46)
• Whist (2:28)
Side D
• The Secrets of Solo Piano III (12:32)


Sheet music from Solo Piano III.

Songs included are:
Pretenderness - Prelude in C Sharp Major - Chico - Be Natural - Ellis Eye - Present Tense - Lost Ostinato -Blizzard in B Flat Minor - October 3rd

Also includes Bonus songs Solitaire and Cello Gonzales from Chambers album.

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