Chilly Gonzales

Ivory Tower Movie DVD


Title: Ivory Tower
Format: DVD

Released in 2010

IVORY TOWER directed by Adam Traynor and starring Chilly Gonzales, Peaches and Tiga.

Winner of “Special Mention of the Jury” (Locarno Film festival 2010) it’s the story of two brothers and their unhealthy rivalry over both the chessboard and a woman.

Hershell (Chilly Gonzales) is a chess purist, the prodigal son. Thadeus (Tiga) is a disciplined, ruthless competitor. After 4 nomadic years in Europe, in quixotic pursuit of 'Jazz Chess', Hershell returns. Thadeus has become a successful but arrogant Canadian-Chess-Champion engaged to marry Hershell's former sweetheart (Peaches). During the final match of the next Canadian-Chess-Championship, Thadeus is flustered by Hershell's Zen-like demeanor, and sets himself up for certain defeat. Who will be the Champion? Whose trophy will Marsha be?

This offer includes DVD digipack.
Language : English.
Subtitles : French

Includes instant digital download of full album. 

Album Tracklist
01)  Knight Moves
02)  I Am Europe
03)  Bittersuite
04)  Smothered Mate
05)  The Grudge
06)  Rococo Chanel
07)  Never Stop
08)  Pixel Paxil
09)  You Can Dance
10)  Crying
11)  Final Fantasy
12)  Siren Song
13)  Never Stop Chilly Gonzales Rap

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