Chilly Gonzales

Solo Piano Deluxe Edition CD / DVD


Title: Solo Piano
Format: Deluxe CD / DVD

Released in 2004

A CD of 16 piano themes for left hand accompaniment and right hand melody. A DVD directed by Nina Rhode aka Ninja Pleasure.

A surrealist “Master Class” by Professor Gonzales, teaching music theory to real students taken from the audience as well as his friends - featuring Jamie Lidell & Feist on "Melody" and Daft Punk on "Rhythm", the “White Gloves Concert” featuring Jamie Lidell, Mocky and Feist performing each others' songs, followed by Chilly Gonzales concert footage, videos, television interviews and the Paris Nuits Blanches "Organism" installation by Ninja Pleasure.

This offer includes CD + DVD digipack + inserted poster.

01)  Gogol
02)  Manifesto
03)  Overnight
04)  Bermuda triangle
05)  Armellodie
06)  Dot
07)  Carnivalse
08)  Meischeid
09)  Paristocrats
10)  Gentle Threat
11)  The Tourist
12)  Salon Saloon
13)  Oregano
14)  Basmati
15)  Cm Blues
16)  One Note at a Time

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