Kingdom Of Welcome Addiction w/ Dogmatic Infidel Comedown OK (CDs)


The third IAMX studio album 'Kingdom Of Welcome Addiction' originally released in 2009.

Track List:

  1. Nature Of Inviting
  2. Kingdom Of Welcome Addiction
  3. Tear Garden
  4. My Secret Friend (featuring. Imogen Heap)
  5. An I For An I
  6. I Am Terrified
  7. Think Of England
  8. The Stupid, The Proud
  9. You Can Be Happy
  10. The Great Shipwreck Of Life
  11. Running

Purchase also includes ‘Dogmatic Infidel Comedown OK’ originally released in 2010. This album features reworks and interpretations of songs from the album ‘Kingdom Of Welcome Addiction’. Dogmatic Infidel Comedown OK is an anagram of Kingdom Of Welcome Addiction.

Track list:

  1. Nature Of Inviting (Black Light Odyssey)
  2. Tear Garden (Unfall Chocolatefurwine)
  3. You Can Be Happy (Combichrist)
  4. Kingdom Of Welcome Addiction (Aesthetic Perfection)
  5. The Great Shipwreck Of Life (Pull Out Kings)
  6. Tear Garden (Unfall Art Deco)
  7. Think Of England (Miss Derringer)
  8. The Stupid, The Proud (Index)
  9. My Secret Friend (Omega Man Remix)
  10. I Am Terrified (Alec Empire)
  11. An I For An I (Unfall X-Mess)
  12. Nature Of Inviting (Terence Fixmer)
  13. Running (Cook/Kirby)
  14. Church Of England (IAMX Acoustic)
  15. The Great Shipwreck Of Life (Omega Man 1950 Remix)
  16. My Secret Friend (Interpretation By Larry Driscoll)

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