Laura Veirs

The Triumphs And Travails Of Orphan Mae CD

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"A fascinating glimpse of Veirs' nascent talent. Even this early on in her career, Veirs' slightly spooked voice conveys a strong sense of place, especially when singing about her beloved wilderness in the American Northwest. And in case you're wondering, no she doesn't vote Republican. Dubbed 'art country' by a local news paper, Veirs sounds a little like Suzanne Vega if she'd grown up in such a place. The two albums (Year of Meteors & Triumphs) share the same subtly inventive producer in Tucker Martine, string arrangements by Eyvind Kang and a generally sparse, largely acoustic ambience, occasionally illuminated with subtle electronica." - BBC Music

1.  Jailhouse Fire
2.  Up the River
3.  John Henry Lives
4.  Black-Eyed Susan
5.  Orphan Mae
6.  Blue Ink
7.  Montague Road
8.  Through December
9.  Raven Marching Band
10.  Moving Along

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