Psychic Hearts 2LP
Thurston Moore

Psychic Hearts 2LP

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1. Queen Bee And Her Pals
2. Ono Soul
3. Psychic Hearts
4. Pretty Bad
5. Patti Smith Math Scratch
6. Blues From Beyond The Grave
7. See-Through Play/Mate
8. Hang Out
9. Feathers
10. Tranquilizer
11. Staring Statues
12. Cindy (Rotten Tanx)
13. Cherry's Blues
14. Female Cop
15. Elegy For All The Dead Rock Stars

Side 4 Bonus Tracks (LP Only)
1. Teenage Buddhist Daydream
2. Just Tell Her That I Really Like Her
3. The Church Should Be For The Outcast, Not A Church That Casts People Out
4. Thoodblirsty Thesbians 
5. Superchrist

Released after Experimental Jet Set Trash and No Star and joined by Steve Shelley on drums and Tim Foljahn on second guitar, Moore's femme-themed solo debut, Psychic Hearts, is a collection of often-beautiful sunset guitar rock. Of his vocal turns, my favorite is the caffeinated, teen-angst/dysfunction of the propulsive title track. Moore's vocals are also particularly swoon-worthy on the whispery "Pretty Bad" and breathy "Ono Soul".
Most of Psychic Hearts, however, works because of the simple repetitions of instrumentals like lilting opener "Blues From Beyond the Grave" and the gently paranoid "(I Got a) Catholic Block" patterning that surfaces between Moore's voice in "Feathers". The centerpiece is the 20-minute instrumental exeunt, "Elegy for All the Dead Rock *s". The track's distinct movements mingle fluidly, swerving into a sideways cascade before bursting and blooming until notes sharpen and a final tidal wave arcs and releases.
The noise implosions of its final third are anti-climactic, but after some gentle plucks and slides, Moore grabs his pick and glides into that dark night as gorgeously as he began, only this time with more triumphal drums.




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