Ben J. Connolly

Phaethon, Becalmed LP


Phaethon, Becalmed by Ben J. Connolly on limited edition transparent orange vinyl. Limited to 500 copies worldwide. 

Each purchase comes with a WAV digital download of the album (download link sent via email, please check your spam folder!)

1. Phaethon
2. East to Oceanus
3. Intervention I
4. A Different Kind of Light
5. Helios
6. A Terrible Fate
7. Eos
8. A Tug of the Reins
9. An Elegy for Earth
10. Intervention II
11. Phaethon is Falling
12. Cycnus, Becalmed
13. Intervention III
14. A Swansong
15. Auriga.
16. An Ocean of Emptiness
17. Phaethon, Becalmed (Reprise)

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