Sonic Youth

Walls Have Ears "UFO" Neon Green 2LP


2XLP on heavy weight neon green vinyl with gatefold jacket. Limited edition of 900 copies.

Sonic Youth presents the legendary 2xLP bootleg compilation of their ripping 1985 UK performances, held up passionately as a fan favorite since its original unsanctioned release in 1986, ‘Walls Have Ears’ is finally reclaimed, remastered and officially released by the band for the first time in 38 years.  

Considered by the band at the time as a transgression of trust and control and an ensuing thorn in their side that continued to forge a life of its own decade after decade on the bootleg market, ‘Walls Have Ears’ has finally been embraced and presented by the band as the fascinating and exhilarating document that it is: Sonic Youth in a state of incendiary mania, violently yet artfully shedding the skins of their first incarnation and developing vision and solidifying the band lineup and sound that would be central to the rest of their 3 decade career. 

Raw, jagged and going for it full out; experience ‘Walls Have Ears’ on 2xLP, including a deluxe edition and colored vinyl, CD, Cassette and Digital February 9th on Goofin.’ 


  1. B.
  2. Green Love
  3. Brother James
  4. Kill Yr. Idols
  5. “Mad” Groove
  6. I Love Her (All The Time)
  7. Expressway To Yr. Skull
  8. Spahn Ranch Dance
  9. “Blood On Brighton Beach”
  10. Burning Spear
  11. Death Valley ’69
  12. Speed JAMC
  13. Ghost Bitch
  14. I’m Insane
  15. World Looks Red
  16. The Word (E.V.O.L.)
  17. Brother Jam-Z
  18. Killed and Kicked Off

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