A Place To Bury Strangers

See Through You LP


See Through You by A Place To Bury Strangers on black vinyl.

See Through You is the highly anticipated 6th album from Post-Punk Legends A Place To Bury Strangers. Outpacing even their own firmly blazed path of audio annihilation, this album repeatedly delivers the massive walls of chaos and noise that every A Place To Bury Strangers fan craves in spades. See Through You is an explosive journey which explores the listener's limits of mind-bending madness while simultaneously offering the catchiest batch of songs in the band's discography.  It’s a nod of the cap to the art school ethos of the band's origins, while forging a new and clear direction forward.  Simply put, See Through You is an epic, instant classic.  See Through You will be released February 4, 2020 on the band’s newly former label, Dedstrange.

1. Nice Of You To Be There For Me

2. I’m Hurt

3. Let’s See Each Other

4. I’ll Be Happy When You’re Gone

5. Dragged In A Hole

6. Ringing Bells

7. I Disappear (When You’re Near)

8. Anyone But You

9. My Head Is Bleeding

10. Broken

11. Hold On Tight

12. I Don’t Know How You Do It

13. Love Reaches Out

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