Current 93

If A City Is Set Upon A Hill Transparent Curacao LP


This LP comes pressed on Transparent Curacao 180 gram vinyl, housed in a thick (350gsm) single sleeve, card printed lyric insert, white disco bags all placed in a clear protective sleeve. Limited to 993 copies.

Three years in its creation, birthing and borning, it follows on from 2018’s million-selling classic, The Light Is Leaving Us All. We are OverMoon to announce the following release information pertaining to the brand new full-length album by David Tibet’s Hallucinatory ChartToppers CURRENT 93, entitled If A City Is Set Upon A Hill.

The twilit, dreamlike If A City Is Set Upon A Hill features Channellings from:

Alasdair Roberts: Guitars, Autoharp, Synthesizer, Backing Vocals.
Aloma Ruiz Boada: Violin.
Andrew Liles: Electronics, Guitars, Keyboards.
Ania Goszczyńska: Design & Fine Wine.
David Tibet: Voice & Voices.
Michael J. York: PIpes, Whistle, Duduk.
Ossian Brown: DroneTones.
Reinier van Houdt: Fender Rhodes, Piano, Guitar.
Rita Knuistingh-Neven: Piano & Voice


1. If A City...
2. There Is No Zodiac
3. Joke Moon
4. Clouds At Teatime
5. A Column Of Dust
6. The Child, And Fire
7. ...Is Set Upon A Hill

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