Sonic Youth

Dirty (4LP deluxe box)

This quadruple-LP box set includes: the original 15 album tracks; nearly two dozen bonus tracks culled from B-sides ("Genetic," "Hendrix Necro," "The Destroyed Room," "Is It My Body," "Personality Crisis," "The End Of The End Of The Ugly" and the eight-minute epic "Tamra"), outtakes ("Stalker," "Youth Against Fascism" and "Wish Fulfillment"), and rehearsal tapes from the period (the previously released "Little Jammy Thing" and previously unreleased songs "Lite Damage," "Dreamfinger," "Barracuda," "New White Kross," "Guido," "Moonface," "Poet In The Pit" and "Theoretical Chaos"); an eye-watering trove of full-color artwork; and essays from Thurston Moore, Lee Ranaldo and journalist/co-conspirator Byron Coley.

A side
1. 100%
2. Swimsuit Issue
3. Theresa's Sound-World
4. Drunken Butterfly
5. Genetic

B side
1. Shoot
B2. Wish Fulfillment
B3. Sugar Kane
B4. Orange Rolls, Angel's Spit

C side
C1. Youth Against Fascism
C2. Nic Fit
C3. On The Strip
C4. Chapel Hill
C5. The Destroyed Room

D side
1. Stalker
2. JC
3. Hendrix Necro
4. Purr
5. Crème Brulee

E side
1. Is It My Body
2. Personality Crisis
3. The End Of The End Of The Ugly
4. Tamra

F side
1. Little Jammy Thing
2. Lite Damage
3. Dreamfinger
4. Barracuda

G side
1. New White Cross
2. Guido
3. Stalker
4. Moonface

H side
1. Poet In The Pit
2. Theoretical Chaos
3. Youth Against Fascism
4. Wish Fulfillment

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