Im Westen Der Himmel CD

CD in 14x20cm special format cover and booklet. 

Berlin underground rockband Infamis is already around since 1987 (although in different incarnations). After discovering the band in San Francisco Wim Wenders decided to put out their 6th album „Im Westen Der Himmel“ in 2013 on his record label. „Imagine Tom Waits had learned German by reading Rilke-poems and recites them over the soundtrack of an italo western“, is how he describes the music. 

1. Ganz grosses Kino 
2. Le Grant 
3. Entracte I 
4. Cafard 
5. Ein weiterer Tag 
6. Entrace II 
7. Ihr 
8. Verrat 
9. Entracte III 
10. Keith (auf der Palme) 
11. Lied ohne Wert 
12. Walzer 
13. Entracte IV 
14. Auf Grund 

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