Laura Veirs

Carbon Glacier CD

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On her Nonesuch debut Carbon Glacier, Veirs reimagines folk music in a bravely boundary-crossing way, employing the genre as a jumping-off point to create an intimate, affecting sound entirely her own. The Independent described it as “a benchmark by which future Americana releases will be judged.” Uncut simply declared Carbon Glacier Veirs’ “first masterpiece.”

1.  Ether Sings
2.  Icebound Stream
3.  Rapture
4.  Lonely Angel Dust
5.  The Cloud Room
6.  Wind Is Blowing Stars
7.  Shadow Blues
8.  Anne Bonny Rag
9.  Snow Camping
10.  Chimney Sweeping Man
11.  Salvage A Smile
12.  Blackend Anchor
13.  Riptide

Veirs’ songs are steeped in natural imagery, blending influences ranging from folk to blues to punk. A Seattle (now Portland) resident by way of Colorado, Veirs’ background in geology and kinship with the rugged landscape she grew up in meld together with her punk performing roots to form an unusual musical outlook. Her collaborators on Carbon Glacier, The Tortured Souls, reflect this vision of a style that spans rock, jazz, and avant-garde: producer/drummer Tucker Martine has collaborated with Bill Frisell, Jim White, and Modest Mouse; viola player Eyvind Kang performs with Beck and Frisell while leading his own ensemble; Lori Goldston, who toured with Nirvana, plays cello; Steve Moore adds trombone and keyboards; and Karl Blau contributes bass, guitar, and vocals (both Moore and Blau are veterans of the Northwest underground folk and rock community).

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