Ólafur Arnalds

re:member CD

"re:member" features Arnalds working with the new software Stratus, which transforms the piano into an almost entirely new instrument and uses these methods reinvigorate the compositional experience, feeding back into the creative process in a completely new way. As Ólafur plays a note on the piano, two different notes are generated by Stratus, creating unexpected harmonies and surprising melodic sequences.

“This is my breaking out-of-a-shell album. It’s me taking the raw influences that I have from all these different musical genres and not filtering them. It explores the creative process and how one can manipulate that to get out of the circle of expectations and habit.”

1. re:member
2. unfold (ft SOHN)
3. saman
4. brot
5. inconsist
6 they sink
7. ypsilon
8. partial
9. momentary
10. indir 
11. ekki hugsa
12. nyepi

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