Parades LP - Limited 'Leaf is 20' Edition


Parades by Efterklang on white vinyl. Limited 'Leaf is 20' edition comes with CD version of the album as well.

Efterklang's 2nd full length album from 2007. The recording of Parades took 18 months and featured more than 30 guest musicians, including a string quartet, a brass quintet and three separate choirs. Live-rooms and a church hall was used to gain ambience and real-life space in the recording. Darren Allison (My Bloody Valentine's ‘Loveless’, and Spiritualized’s ‘Ladies and Gentlemen’) and Efterklang’s Mads Brauer mixed the album.

The highly detailed and lavish artwork is by Hvass&Hannibal.

“Every so often an album comes along that’s so original it’s difficult to accurately liken it to anything else – even Efterklang’s last album, Tripper, is left behind by Parades” 4/5, Mike Barnes, Mojo Nov 2007

"Parades is the culmination of all the potential Efterklang have ever exhibited; a sumptuous, symphonic masterpiece of crackled circuitry and classical compositional skill, drenched in harmonies that spill from instruments too varied to list yet that combine quite brilliantly to craft pieces that know no creative boundaries." 10/10, Mike Diver, Drowned in Sound

1. Polygyne

2. Mirador

3. Him Poe Poe

4. Horseback Tenors

5. Mimeo

6. Frida Found A Friend

7. Maison De Réflexion

8. Blowing Lungs Like Bubbles

9. Caravan

10. Illuminant

11. Cutting Ice To Snow

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