Stuart A. Staples

Music for Claire Denis’ 'High Life‘ LP


Stuart A. Staples of tindersticks score for Claire Denis film ‘High Life’ on LP.

Side A
01. The Garden
02. Willow lullaby
03. System report
04. High life main title
05. River flashback
06. Fluids
07. The fuck box
08. Bad genes / Revolution
09. Radiation
10. Rape of Boyse
11. Insemination
12. Grow baby, grow
Side B
3. Boyse's death
14. The dog ship
15. Monte and Willow
16. The yellow light
17. Tindersticks feat. Robert Pattinson „Willow"
18. The Black Hole (excerpt)
Claire Denis’ highly anticipated first English Language film 'High life' will be released in the Spring of 2019.
'High Life' was written and directed by Denis and stars Robert Pattinson and Juliette Binoche in the lead roles. It focuses on a group of criminals who are tricked into believing they will be freed if they participate in a mission to travel on a spaceship towards a black hole to find an alternate energy source while being sexually experimented on by the scientists on board.

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