Rumraket Heather Grey

Back in stock! Efterklang has made new prints of the original Rumraket T-shirt from 2007. This iconic T-shirt was perhaps more succesful than the label it was promoting! It has been worn by friends, fans and the members of Efterklang while touring and making records such as Parades and Magic Chairs. Rumraket is Efterklang’s own little record label. These days it only releases Efterklang's music in the Nordic countries, but there was a time, when the little label was quite prolific. In 2005 Rumraket released Grizzly Bear’s debut album in Europe and this was followed by releases from Kama Aina, Taxi Taxi!, Amiina, Erik Levander, Canon Blue, Slaraffenland, Cacoy and Our Broken Garden.
The Rumraket design is printed on an Fruit of the Loom shirt. The T-shirt is Oeko-Tex certified.

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