Soccer Mommy

Colour Theory LP

Confronting the ongoing mental health and familial trials that have plagued Allison since pre-pubescence, color theory explores three central themes: blue, representing sadness and depression; yellow, symbolizing physical and emotional illness; and, finally, gray, representing darkness, emptiness and loss. Written mostly while on tour and recorded in Allison’s hometown of Nashville at Alex The Great, color theory was produced by Gabe Wax (who also produced Clean), mixed by Lars Stalfors (Mars Volta, HEALTH, St. Vincent), and features the live Soccer Mommy band on studio recording for the first time, with a live take at the foundation of almost every track. The resulting album is a masterpiece that paints an uncompromisingly honest self-portrait of an artist who, according to 100+ publications, already released one of the Best Albums of 2018 and the 2010s, and is about to release an early favorite of 2020.


released February 28, 2020

All songs by Sophie Allison
Produced by Gabe Wax
Mixed by Lars Stalfors
Mastered by Joe LaPorta


Bloodstream 5:37
Circle The Drain 4:40
Royal Screw Up 4:07
Night Swimming 4:16
Crawling In My Skin 4:17
Yellow Is The Color Of Her Eyes 7:15
Up The Walls 2:44
Lucy 4:56
Stain 3:00
Gray Light 3:16

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