Too Slow To Disco

TSTD Reworks 01: Prime Time Band - Fall In Love In Outer Space (6 track mini album)

Side A:

1 Fall In Love In Outer Space (Turbotito Rework)
Fall In Love In Outer Space (Blank & Jones Ride A Sunbeam Rework) 

3 Fall In Love In Outer Space (Chuggin Edits Rework)

Side B:
Fall In Love In Outer Space (Those Guys From Athens Rework) 

2 Fall In Love In Outer Space (Vibes4YourSoul Rework)
Fall In Love In Outer Space (HOLDTight Rework) 

(Digital version comes with two more reworks by Delfonic & Knight One)

DJ Supermarkt came across this rare private press 7 Inch a long time ago, and since tried to locate the band to include the track on his Too Slow To Disco compilation series. After years he found bandleader Jeff Wollman, who gave TSTD permission to finally rerelease this funky space beauty for the first time on the new compilation TSTD 4.
The story could have ended here, but Jeff and DJ Supermarkt went one step further, and came up with the plan to give the track to a few selected producers for new versions/reworks. We contacted our favorite smooth space approved producers of today, and they all said “Yes” and we are super proud to now give you: The Reworks!
Some bands excel at turning up, turning it on and getting the job done. Prime Time Band have spent an unlikely 38 years in the business as we write, throwing down a smooth, funky-yet-jazzy set for discerning listeners in the USA, Japan and beyond. “Fall in love in outer space”, their 1986 almost-hit, hits that sweet spot between 80s funk-pop and the disco era’s love of anything galaxy-tinged. Guy Maxwell (bass), Larry Vann (drums), Jeff Wollman (keys), Kenn Peterson (guitar) and Tom Marken (vocals) gifted us a rather delicious spacey groover that feels as ready for the dance floor as it does the closing credits of a capable rom-com.

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